Why do children complain?

Why do children complain??
Young children often complain to parents see mom, that he took my toy,he threw my shoe ,he is teasing me
Some children get used to complaining unnecessary .In this situation parents difficult to believe that the child has trouble in the truth or his habit is like this.

1) Is bound to

This habit is observed in children at the two and half years . his association with him self starts from this age.when he falls in a bad situation exhibits a shock of violence.
Young children understand a very good,a very bad .they don’t have very much that capacity , the grey colour between them they unable to understand it.complaining to siblings and friends playing with them and learning things , even identify the right and wrong.
It is at this age that a sense of authority is awakened .they don’t want to share their things with any one.this is an essential part of emotional development.

Sometimes there are problems too, which start complaining even on small matters and the same behaviour continuous.

2) Know The real reason
While young children are unable to understand the depth of external conditions and behaviour.The duty of parents is that he/she shouldn’t complain to his child about small things, but try to solve him self.Yes, whenever you feel afraid to feel threatened let us know.
3) What makes sense
The truth is that small quarrels between children are caused by their senselessness.Your help in needed. If another child takes your son’s favourite toy, he comes to you crying so in a such situation ask both of you acquitted. If they still don’t agree then keep that toy with you and give them some other game to play. If your has any quarrels with someone then he should have two or three options.So that he will be able to resolve his dispute further
4)Child’s intent
It’s very important for the parents to real intention of the child.Some children don’t loose their habit of complaining about small things even when they are older and exaggerate things.A small trouble is also big.For the good of the child analysis , mention both its strengths and weaknesses Some children enjoy making false complain , some enjoy looking down on others, some want to draw attention to others. If your child also complains for any such reason, don’t encourage. If the parents scold the other children on every complaint of their child, then the child will never solve his problem and will also lead a confused life even when he grows up.
5)Arbitrarily stop
Only brother complains for arbitrariness between sisters and friends,so don’t take his words seriously . There is another aspect to this,if you have done all this to grab your attention,then postpone it but spend quality time with it later.In the case of parenting , it’s very important to understand that it is netural for two children to have a dispute about small things, but it is important that understand that you.A child doesn’t become guilty forever by a small mistake.
In such a situation , you should patiently understand them and inspir them to follow the right path in life.

Tantrums are not bad for kids

It is not bad for health to have too much tantrums of children

If your young little one suddenly cries in public, shout and doesn’t listen to you ,so any parents is bound to get angry, but the tantrums of small children, you should deel with them with love,why are we saying that we come.

If your child is between two to five years old, than you will also face this problem every day and that is children’s tantrums.

Dealing with parents with these tantrums, irritability and frequent annoyance of children,but even when important some parents consider it unnecessary,but this is an important part and parents should deal with it.

Many times parents doesn’t even know why his children are doing such a tantrums, but the reality is that such things are also an important part of the health and emotional health of the children.

Children do tantrums for these reasons, usually the is hungry or tired,is seek or feel uncomfortable,then he cries and shout.the hand slape the feet,grinds its teeth,stops breathing on the ground and doesn’t listen to any one.

This type of behavior too angry and frustrating for parents. Especially that public place.Be on the spot but you will be surprised to know that tantrums of this way prove to be beneficial for their health.

1) Blood pressure remains correct
It has been revealed in the study that crying reduces blood pressure,heart rate.in such a situation, crying and tantrums of children is beneficial for health and emotional health, but only when the parents loved child very much.

2)It is good behaviour later
Children is trying to take out his anger and more anger by showing too much tantrums.this type of behavior is a sign that the child struggles with his feelings and experts said that such behaviour proves to help in improving the future of the child.

3) Brain develops
Tantrums develops children’s brain more well if you deal in healthy ways, and help in solving their problems proves and deal with caution, there is good development in mind.
So from now on, take the tantrums positive.

Child’s physical and mental development.

Child’s physical and mental development
Your child body needs the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals for her/his physical development , for example calcium is important for the development of bones,
Vitamins E for developing the immune system, iron is important for immunity, protein build body strength and vitamin.
A essential for vision in poor lighting. if not provided proper nutrition, your child’s growth might get stunned.

Long time exposure to pollution like lead , manganese , Mercury, arsenic, and pesticides through either land, water or food has been known to deteriorate growth, cause physical abnormalities,weaken the immune system and affect motor skills in children.

mental and cognitive development
the mental and cognitive development of your child consists of the development of the brain neurological processes, intellectual abilities, learning abilities etc. The following factors affecting child’s mental the cognitive development.

if your child doesn’t get the right nutrition it will adversely affect his/her mental development. For example deficiency of lodine, iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid can cause mental retardation and in Extreme cases, even neurological damage .
Nutritional drink like Horlicks can help you bridge the gap between nutrition requirements and consumption by the child.

physical development
your child’s physical development consists of the height , weight, development of muscle and bones The following factors affect a child’s physical development .

your child inherits your physical characteristics through genes. if your child is Carring a dominant gene related to hight his/her might achieve the same hight as you.
However, their are some disorders and health issues that are passed on genetically such as heart disease , diabetes, obesity etc.These problems.

Don’t ignoreThese types of child behaviour

Being a parent is a wonderful experience.dont let these moments go.parents who become parents continuously strive for the future of their children.
They spend lot of time in ensuring the future of their children in a good way.we want to learn to live well mannered.educate and live life in the right way. Many common things have have been told here which are seen in children.
Don’t ignore any of these things, otherwise you may have to face it serious consequences,this can cause distances between you and your children.

Here are some helpful tips for you.

1) Lying
If your child lies to you,he or she learned from somewhere so think calmly for what reason he or she must have lied and if possible, sit in peace and talk to him or her and ask them their troubles.

2) Stealing
If your child steal something for the first time and you know, try to calmly explain it,that this is absolutely wrong.you have to explain with an example and teach correct attitude, and ask your child to return what he has and apologies to its owner.
3) To abuse
If your child abuses and answers in front ,then you are responsible somewhere because the child first learns from home.so first of all, the parents and the elder in the house,they should use all decent language to speak, at least it should be done in front of the children.
4) Feeling of animosity with younger siblings.
If you have two or more children in your house,then decide in the interest in everyone otherwise the parents may have to bear the displeasure of any one.Especially the one who has an elder brother or sister in the house.So if the children are fighting then stop them from fighting and take care of your children like a team who stand with each other in any problem.

Kid’s behaviour

Kid’s behaviour
In the behaviour of any child there is a big role of the surrounding environment .he keeps on learning 24 hours ,but the one closest to him has the most impact parents have rites in childhood and they get older, more New people join them in her/his life. They are relative friends , teachers and many more
learns some bad things from those best things . Which means a lot in his future
life, and the effects is also visible.
When the child behaves well then the parents feel very happy,but when they see their wrong behaviour, then there is also sadness.
At that time, parents should try not to get angry at their child and think about it.the seeds of needless doubt are not found in his/her mind.try to understand your child.
Because a child is the most loving, trusting parents only.

The love and trust of parents is the biggest shield for a child, which proves to be helpful in behaving property.


India this is the land of cultures and diversity.Where many festivals are celebrat with people of different caste.

Tonight is starting Navratri. It takes nine days it is widely celebrate in India. nine forms of idol of goddess.we worship and devotion.last day of the festival we celebrate dashhara or vijya dashmi.

In West Bengal devotion of goddess (Durga Puja) has special significance.people of Gujarat they play Garba during these days including of goddess worship.